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For more than 25 years the Ottawa-Carleton Wildlife Centre has been working on behalf of wildlife. The Ottawa-Carleton Wildlife Centre is committed to educating people about wildlife and helping to foster an appreciation for the natural world and the importance of protecting biodiversity as well as give people the basic tools to solve human/wildlife conflicts in a humane and cost-effective way, allowing them to live in greater harmony with nature.

If we are to succeed in responding to the significant environmental challenges we are facing as a society, humans have to recognize we are part of nature not simply an outside observer of it. Each of us has the chance to help conserve nature, starting in our own backyard.

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Photo courtesy of Wendy Booth As a volunteer organization, the Ottawa-Carleton Wildlife Centre depends on contributions from the community. All donations are directed to the Centre’s extensive education programs to help people better understand, respect and coexist with wildlife. The Ottawa-Carleton Wildlife Centre is a registered charity and issues tax receipts for donations. Click here to donate
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Spring 2018: Moving Beyond Protection for Species At Risk

EMC Logo The "Living with Wildlife" series was launched in 2010, a partnership between the EMC and the Ottawa-Carleton Wildlife Centre. Here you can see the articles that have been published to date on the dozens of stories about local wildlife, showing the rich biodiversity we have in this region.
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